Friendly Farm Fun

My little babies turned five and they’ve been loving animals, so we had a farm animal-themed cake.



I wanted to have various animals, so I got a few plastic toys to put onto the cake. Gotta be really careful with kids, because they may just want to eat it so I made sure to remove them when I cut the cake. I do NOT want to be the aunty who ruined the birthday!


Chickens Chilling

Close to the trees, I placed some chocolate apple rocks, so yummy! Went really well with the farm cake, giving it extra texture. I also added some crushed Oreos as soil. See, these kids got some chocolate and cookies and cake all in one.


Lone Ranger


Cake cutting

The sponge was vanilla and chocolate marble, which I absolutely love. It also speaks to the two birthday (big) babies, who have different tastes. The icing was swiss meringue buttercream, and it was unbelievably smooth! It also isn’t as sweet as regular buttercream, so it’s a total winner.


It was such a fun party, and a fun cake as well. Here’s to many more birthdays with my little ones!

And all that sweet stuff,




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