I swear, Latin America have got it GOING ON when it comes to the sweet treats. From Alfajores to Churros and everything in-between. I first tasted churros at the Taste Of Joburg last year, and I’m ever so grateful! Had some at a Mexican restaurant recently that I wasn’t very pleased with, so I decided to test it out myself



So, let me explain to you what a churro is – it’s deep-fried batter, dusted with cinnamon sugar. It’s really crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, like a crispy donut. And to top it off, you get to dip it in various sauces. I particularly love dunking it in dulce de leche, or Nutella. Maybe even straight-up condensed milk.



What’s great, is that it’s not a very sweet batter so it pairs up perfectly with sweet dips. Also, even better – double dipping! This is definitely becoming one of my favourite things to whip up.



Stay tuned, will probably share a recipe very soon! Thanks for reading.

And all that sweet stuff, B.



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