Fun at Forty


Entering the second half of the year ALREADY! Eek! Thinking about it that way has me contemplating what I have actually done over the past six months, a necessary evaluation. That also happens every birthday…

You suddenly realise that you’re older (even though you’re just a day older than you were yesterday) and start accounting for your time differently. How daunting!

When I made this cake for a client, I started to imagine what life at forty may feel like. My sister just turned forty, so that number has really been on my mind. Thankfully, I have a long while to work on who I want to be before then. In the meantime, I get to partake in others’celebrations.

This cake was for a golfing enthusiast, as you can tell from the decor. I made buttercream frosting, with a fondant golf ball and flag. The hole was chocolate, just to switch up the flavour a little.


Fondant ball



Chocolate Hole

The sponge itself was a marble cake – red and white velvet cake. If only every golf ended with a slice, I think I’d take up the sport…


Thank you so much for stopping by and having a read. Stay warm!

And all that sweet stuff,



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