When life hands you lemons

It’s safe to say that I may be addicted to all things tangy. Be it lemon tarts, lemon cakes, lemon muffins, lemon meringue, lemon tea… Actually, let me rephrase that – I may be addicted to lemons! Which is one of the great things about winter, actually. The fact that we get to go HAM on lemon.


Fresh out the oven

A personal favourite of mine is definitely the lemon pound cake. This is a usually a lemon cake which is drenched in syrup. This is best done warm, to allow the cake to take in the moisture. When the cake has a hard crust, it’s advised to then poke some small holes into the sponge to allow the cake to soak up the syrup. Although the cake becomes nice and moist, it doesn’t get to wet and pudding-like, thankfully.

What takes this to this to the next level is the glaze! Now, you may be thinking “that’s way too much sugar”, but it actually isn’t. My lemon pound cakes are made with yogurt, and not a lot of sugar. This means that I can add syrup and glaze, as it compliments the yogurt tang really well! So, the glaze not only adds a different texture to the soft cake, it also makes feeds into the aesthetics.


Lemon Pound Loaf


Lemon Pound Bundt

So there are several ways that a lemon pound cake can be enjoyed, as long as it’s eaten! How do you enjoy your lemons this season?


Dig in!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you’re loading up on the vitamin c in cake, heehee.

And all that sweet stuff, B.



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