Death by Chocolate

If you’re in Johannesburg, you may have seen the amazing adverts along William Nicol. Just after the Nestle’s coffee advert is the most distracting KitKat advert. Especially at Rosebank Union, I tell you – I was stalling at the traffic light when I first saw it and I was fixated the rest of the evening. Incredible, I tell you. If you weren’t into KitKat before, you will be afterwards. Trussst.

Anyways, as a certified chocoholic, I have tried my hand at a few death-by-chocolate cakes. Literally death by chocolate – and death never tasted so sweet.


Collateral Damage

As you can imagine, there’s always collateral damage when you’re throwing down in the kitchen. From time to time, perhaps a few chocolates happen to fall onto your tongue as you’re about to start decorating. It’s really rough out there. Heehee.


Now, who doesn’t love Twix??

Twix is great! Chewy caramel and wafer enrobed in chocolate – yes! It also makes for great walls around kingdom kake (see what I did there? heehee). I generally would alternate between Twix and KitKat for the cakes, and both are absolutely great.





Just looking at these images makes me drool, I tell you. It’s like a soft and moist chocolate sponge within sturdy and sweet chocolate wrapped all around it. Yaaas Lawdt!

But, that’s not it. You also have to top it up with chocolate, of course. This could be with anything, as long as it’s not too heavy (it may dent the sponge) and it adds to the decoration.






Whispers and Astros

You could also get really creative, and play around with other toppings. For a Christmas lunch a few years ago, I pulled one out of the woodworks and I wanted it to be rather grand. So I put together a KitKat cake, with buttercream frosting, and cupcakes looking like a Christmas tree! A lot, I know – but hey, it’s all in the spirit of Christmas!


Christmas Cake

This was a while ago, and I would love to recreate (a neater version) again, for the feels! Heehee. Because we could all do with a variety of ways to consume chocolate. Do it for the happy hormones.


First KitKat Cake

This was the very first one I had ever baked. It’s great because I was tutoring a young girl who challenged me to make this, and she made one too. It’s fascinating how young people can encourage us to think out of the box – try it some time.


KitKat Cake

I made a bigger version of the same cake a few months ago for a client. I made sure to put together a rich and moist cake, with chocolate fudge frosting and lots of Smarties. They were very specific about the chocolate overload, and that’s a language I understand rather clearly.


Twix Cake

This one was a red velvet cake with Whispers and Astros, also for a client a while ago. So different from Smarties or MnMs as a topping, as these chocolates have shortbread in the centre which add a different texture altogether.


Christmas from the top

I know we’re not even half-way through the year, but I am really looking forward Christmas again. Actually, I just look forward to the weeks of relaxing and being fed, to be honest. Until then, let’s get to work!

As always, thanks so much for reading.

And all that sweet stuff, B.





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