Flowers & Chocolate

I’m a simple girl. I like flowers, and I like chocolate. I think I speak for many of us out there who don’t mind being surprised by these treats every now and then.



As Cogworth says, these are the usual things. Sometimes, it’s great to incorporate the usual things into a cake  for a special lady. That’s right, a chocolate cake with some pretty flowers to adorn them. Why not kill two birds with one stone and spread some happiness?


Naked Cake


This was one heck of a naked cake. Heehee. Quite simple, which is a nice change from having fondant or buttercream or meringue. I managed to source some fresh edible flowers, and it complemented the cake well.


Fresh Flowers

This reminds me of warmer days, around spring time. Thankfully, nature keeps showing off – this time, with gorgeously coloured leaves all over the floor. A nice substitute for flowers all over the place. No complaints for me. Here’s to hoping that you’re also able to fill your days with beauty.


Pretty as a picture

As always, thanks for reading.

And all that sweet stuff, B.




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