Butcher Block

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You won’t often find me eating steak, so when I visit a steakhouse, I’m pleased to find what else they’ve got for me. Thankfully, I visited Butcher Block on a Friday, when they had their bottomless Ribs& Wings special. From the advertisement, I was of the impression that I’d get to have a serving of both, but you have to choose either the ribs or the wings. So, my friend ordered the one, and I, the other.



I had called ahead of time, only to find that we were one of the only customers being served there. It felt as though we had the place to ourselves. It’s very decorated, with huge bottles of wine along the walls and textured seats. Their bathroom is gorgeous, fyi. They also have a balcony, which is lovely for warmer days. Once we placed our orders, we were told that they didn’t have any wings – even though it’s wing day. A few moments later, our waitress returned and let us know that they had just purchased some, so we could go on and order our specials. I had a cup of tea, which helped tremendously with my sore throat. However, it came in  a teapot without a lid, and a cup that didn’t exactly fit the saucer. My friend had a refreshing passion fruit and lemonade.

When the food arrived, it was very well-presented. We had a salad and fries on the side. The fries were crisp on the outside with a soft interior, but it didn’t have much flavour and getting tabasco sauce from our waitress took a while. The meats appeared well-cooked, and the ribs tested divine. The basting was sweet and sticky, and although the meat didn’t pull away easily, it was still good. The wings were also basted well, but there was no flavour past the basting. Had they prepared them before-hand, it would have marinated well. The waitress topped up the ribs as soon as we polished off the first plate, and we definitely appreciated the fact that we didn’t have to wait long for the second plate.

We finished our meal off with a chocolate brownie and ice-cream to share. I absolutely love chocolate and was looking forward to this. However, it was very much like a chocolate cake. It was fluffy and airy, and not very rich. The ice-cream, however, was delightful. Very creamy, reminded me of the soft-serve I used to indulge in as a child.


Overall, it was a good lunch. There were definitely areas where they faltered, which made me further question why the place was so empty. It’s a great space, and with just a bit more care, they could have great food. A huge thank you to Zomato for organising this for me! Any of you have tips for where I can get some great ribs and wings around Jozi?

Thanks for reading, B.




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