Bugs Bunny

Over the recent years, Looney Toons have really stepped it up and created such a hilarious series. I now always think of Bugs whenever I incorporate carrots into my dishes. This is how subliminal messages are sent, I tell ya. Through adults watching children cartoons.


I love a spicy carrot cake with a lemon glaze or cream cheese frosting. Whether it’s light or dense, loaf or round – gimme! Also, it’s one of the ways I’m able to incorporate veggies into my diet. I’m sure it counts.



My niece recently learnt that carrots helps with eyesight, and then asked why I wear glasses, seeing that I eat so much carrot cake… Uh, I clearly am not eating enough!



Carrot Cake

Rustic cakes have been all the rage, and I’ve really grown to love the look. I had made a naked chocolate cake a while ago, and decided to give it another go with the carrot cake this time.


Naked Carrot Cake

It somewhat looks like a carrot sandwich with cream cheese filling. Slurp! I liked this, because you get to enjoy the sponge without too much of the frosting. It goes perfectly with a cuppa tea, shared with some mates.


Cake and tea

What’s better than cake a tea with friends? Well, cake and tea for yourself, but apparently sharing is caring…

Thanks for reading.

And all that sweet stuff! B



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