Single? Double? Make it TRIPLE chocolate

Hi. My name is Béné, and I am a bona-fide chocoholic.

Ever since that piece of Cadbury chocolate first melted in my mouth many moons ago, I’ve been fixated. To the point where my recent lactose intolerance won’t even get me to quit. I ain’t no quitter…

I remember growing up, watching Cadbury advertisements and sharing in the joy through the screen. It was surreal. But alas, this is not a love letter to chocolate…


However, my love for chocolate has really catapulted me into incorporating it in many of the desserts I prepare.

I recently threw together a triple chocolate brownie dish. Ooooh yaaasssss. That’s right, tripled chocolate – white chocolate disks, dark chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips all mixed up in a thick and chewy chocolate sponge.


I know this is the third time I’ve mentioned Cadbury, but do you remember their “Wouldn’t it be nice” advert? As we ate our way through this, I imagined how nice it would be if this were the norm…


Thanks for reading, and I hope you also play around with your brownie recipes every now and then. Add some caramel, some nuts, more chocolate… Whatever you do, remember to add some respek on it. Haha. Thanks, Birdman for that.


And all that sweet stuff,

It’s been


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