Some of that Good Green

No. I don’t mean the illegal type of good green… But maybe this was so good that it should be illegal 😜. Continue reading for more…


I got the privilege to bake a cake for a young lady who recently turned 21. She’s in her last year of varsity, the first in her family to be going to tertiary! That’s a pretty big deal, and her mother is so proud of the young lady she’s become, so she wanted to make sure she got a special cake.


I was asked to make a “girl cake” – which could mean so many things! When I find out what she meant, I went around looking for a girl mould, which I couldn’t get my hands on. So I scoured pinterest for tips, and again – nothing. Thankfully, with the help of my sis in law, I managed to figure out how I’d make a girl cake. It was quite an adventure!


It took three cakes to make this form, and I’m really happy that it came out just as she wanted it! It was a tutti frutti cake, whose fragrance legitimately left you drooling every time you entered the kitchen. Yum. I used both fondant and buttercream for the icing, to play around with texture a bit.

Both mom and daughter were happy with the end result, as I snacked on the cake cut-offs :). Yip, just one of the perks of playing baker on these missions.


Thanks for reading!

And all that sweet stuff, B.


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