Latte-Flavoured Cake – Review

I am definitely a lover of tea, and I have my affairs with coffee on the side. I had to give up milky coffee and I’ve grown to actually enjoy it black, but I definitely miss having cappuccinos and creamy lattes!

It’s probably because I’m a chocoholic, and chocolate and coffee go so well together! Coffee in chocolate cake is what makes the flavour really come to life, and just regular old coffee cake is also a delight. So when I passed this box in my local Pick n Pay, I was intrigued to find out what a Latte cake would taste like. Of course, I was more than willing to give it a try!


I could not just see this glaring at me without giving it a fair chance, could I? Haha.

Just look at the packaging. Come to think of it, that pudding looks good enough to lick right off the box if you ask me! But let me not get too distracted…

Baking this cake took so little effort! The ingredients necessary are so basic, and all you do is mix it up real quick. But it was pretty annoying to find that it was so tightly sealed over some of the specifications of the ingredients. That wasn’t very well thought-out…


However, once you’re able to make out what you need, it’s easily sailing. I would definitely recommend this premix to those of you who may be in a hurry, or who just don’t want to spend all that much time into making a good cake. And yes, it was good!


From the moment the wet ingredients meet the flour, that chicory-scent just has you instantly drooling. That should probably be a warning sign on the box, haha. But honestly, it smells good and the measurements are quite good. Not many alterations necessary – imagine that!

I initially thought that the icing would be a basic buttercream icing. It’s white, and the icing powder didn’t really taste like anything. However, once I mixed it with the margarine, the latte flavour came through. It’s subtle, but definitely present and compliments the sponge so well!

I kept it in the oven a little too long, but thankfully it didn’t have a detrimental effect to the cake!


It tasted better than expected, to be honest. Really subtle coffee flavours with a lovely texture to the actual sponge.However, the sponge was a bit dry. So the recipe could improve just a little. But for a premix, it was really good. I would definitely do this again using their pudding recipe, especially with winter coming up. Just imagining being wrapped up in a blankie, drinking some chai with a latte pudding. Yes pleeease.

So, here’s my rating:

  • Reliability of Recipe: 4/5
  • Convenience of Ingredients: 5/5
  • End Product: 4/5
  • Total: ≈ 4.5/5 Very Good!

As usual, thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you’re in SA, go out and try it!

And all that sweet stuff, B.


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