Moir’s Cheesecake – Review

Now, I do love me some cheesecake. Specifically, BAKED cheesecake. Yesssss. So I generally bake a lemon cheesecake for friends and family every few months… The way it crumbles when you’ve just cut off a piece, and then after you’ve placed it in your mouth, you can feel the baby food angels dancing on your tongue. You know this experience, right? I don’t feel the same way about fridge cheesecake. Nope. NOPE. NOAP. Miss me with that.

I hadn’t indulged in cheesecake all year (all two weeks of the year) and when I saw this premix, I thought, why not?


It would not only be a good way to suss out if there was a shortcut to the way I usually bake mine, and also would be a good way to experiment with what’s out there. I pride myself on baking everything from scratch,  but I decided to put that to the side. To my surprise, there are so many premix variants available, and it got me thinking – I should make this a habit and explore alternative ways of doing things. So I did just that! Walked out of the grocery store with Moir’s Baked Cheesecake premix!

I usually bake from scratch, either one cheesecake or several smaller ones such as I did here. It is so simple and really delicious. I like to add lemon zest to add a bit of zing, and sometimes top it off with fruits or lemon curd.

I followed these Moir’s instructions to the T, and found myself doing some unusual things such as boiling the batter on the stove top, and adding yogurt. I mean, boiling the batter like it’s porridge yo.


At the end of the entire thing, it gave me pretty much the same consistency as my usual cheesecake recipe so I had no qualms. It was just a bit more liquid than it usually is.


I popped this into the over for an hour and let it cool overnight. The entire family was waiting with baited breath until we were able to finally get into this bad boy. Yes, we may be a bit overly enthusiastic about desserts but allow, at least we keep dentists in the area busy! Haha.


After it had set and cooled the next morning, I added lemon curd to the top and let it sit until we all got home that evening. Haha, adding so much anticipation, goodness. It smelled so good, I absolutely love lemon-scented and lemon-flavoured goodies. Always a winner for me.


Cut myself a good healthy slice and you can see the texture from the photo above. It was dense and moist, kind of like a milk tart. Now, I must say, I am rather texture-sensitive and I do not eat milk tart and certain puddings because of it. I much prefer the fluffier and cheesier kind of cheesecake. However, the flavour was good and it also has a pleasant scent. But it didn’t really have  a cheesecake feel about it. My sister-in-law and a few of her friends loved it, but my brother and I were left unconvinced.


So, here’s my rating:

  • Reliability of Recipe: 5/5
  • Convenience of Ingredients: 4/5
  • End Product: 2/5
  • Total: ≈ 3.5/5 Good

What premix recipes have you guys been trying? Thank you for taking the time to read this, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll be doing many more product reviews over the next few months.

And all that sweet stuff,





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