2016 Goals – Happy New Year

Is it too late to wish you a happy new(ish) year? I mean, I have a whole 352 more days to wish you happiness, so it’s never really to late. With that said, Happy New Year! 🙂


So, I have been really lax about how many times I post, as well as what it is that I post. It was intended to just be a space where I share some of the cool stuff I get to do in the kitchen, then I started sharing recipes, and even including a few experiences here and there.


This year, I intend to get more focused about the content and frequency with which I post. What I love about newness (be it a new year, a new boyfriend, a new job) is that it comes with this abundance of hope! You know, hoping that you can effect change in XYZ or hoping that with a set amount of time, you can achieve abc. So I am all for people setting resolutions and what not. As long as they know how they intend to achieve it.


I have kept mine rather simple for the blog. That focus will determine how I engage with you, the reader. And hopefully, wont add too many kilograms with all the foodie plans that I have for the year. Eek!


So, cheers to 2016!


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