Ever wanted to have your cake and eat it too? I have never understood why this even became a saying. You should absolutely have your cake, eat it, and then get more! In this case, a client wanted to gift his mother with a cuppa goodness, which translated to being a cappuccino-themed cake. Can we call it a cuppacake? I say yes!



It was his mother’s 50th birthday and he wanted to have something special done for her. We decided on a red velvet cake with a teacup theme, and her photo at the top. He mentioned that she loves lilies, so this had to feature somewhere. This was quite a fun cake to make, considering all the details.

I started with the red velvet cake. I used a recipe similar to this one here, and I made a basic cream cheese frosting for the filling between the sponges. I let the sponges cool in the fridge over a few hours in order for it to get a bit dense, making it easier to manipulate. I cut off the sides, little by little, similar to a tapered haircut. This was really little by little, because I didn’t want too much off the edges. The cake still needed to have enough of a base to stand on its own.


Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese filling


Shaping the cake. (Yummy leftovers)




Naked red velvet

Once this was done, I then iced the sides with the frosting before covering it up with fondant.


Sides with icing


Wrapped in fondant

I covered the sides and then cut it where I could, in order to get the shape I desired. I added some CMC to some more fondant to make the saucer, which is fondant that was rolled up and then curled up. Once the big stuff was done, I was able to tend to the smaller details, such as the letters and numbers for the décor.




Silicon mould for the writing

This was easy enough, it got trickier when it was now time to make the calla lilies. You can watch a tutorial on it here which is pretty easy to follow.


Center piece (spadix)


Calla lily petals


Finished lilies


Lilies on saucer

I added her photo and it was ready for delivery!



There you have it. My first cuppacake. Cheers to the fun times.

And all that sweet stuff,



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