Taste of Joburg

Have you ever had that moment…where you bite into something warm, sweet and soft. You close your eyes, savour the flavour that dances on your tongue as your caress all those flavours? That, for me, is the Taste of Joburg. #AboutAWeekAgo, Montecasino hosted the event and it was such as success, as per usual. Happiness all around!


I went with some other Joburgers from Queens of Zamunda to have a bit if fun under the sun. My sweet tooth had the better of me, of course, and most of my money went to getting little sweet nothings. My very first stop was the ice-lollies, considering how hot it was. It is such an expansive space, so we walked for what felt like forever to really get the full experience. This (and all the aromas in the air) made me pretty hungry.

These falafels are from Real Wraps. They were so good. Don’t know when last I had falafels. And they had the cutest hummus smiles. I mean!


I then crossed over to get some churros I had walked past earlier in the day. This was my first time trying churros, and they taste a bit like small, crispy koeksisters without the added syrup. It was a nice change, given the softness of the falafels, I quite enjoyed having something to chew and to DIP IN CHOCOLATE of course. Because chocolate fixes everything. Paquito’s really came ready to wow us this year with their variety of churros.


DSC_1123 DSC_1118 IMG_20150929_215621 DSC_1117

This was my second year at the Taste of Joburg and I remember Daniela’s from last year’s event. I must admit, I’m not a fan of macaroons. Considering that I have only ever had the Parisian dessert in Johannesburg, it shouldn’t be surprising. My experiences had me believing that it was some stale-like overly-sweet coloured cookie sandwich. Urgh, it was such a disappointment. And then last year happened, and I tasted Daniela’s macaroons. My tastebuds exclaimed in joy at the soft, chewy macaroons they graced us with. They have a variety of delicious flavours, each with that subtle almond undertone. Yes, yes, yes. Such a win!


Unfortunately, there was only SO much sweetness I could handle under this South African sun before I collapse. So I took some goodies home. Heehee. Another one of my absolute favourites is Gourmet Fudge. Oh my gosh, thankfully I get to enjoy their treats at most of the expos and food events I attend. Better fudge than what your gran makes, I guarantee you. Smooth and creamy, with such fun flavours. And their samples are endless. Another great way to make an impact – letting us taste. Look at this spread:


But I know, no matter how many times I taste different flavours, I am committed to the Chilli chocolate and butterscotch. Those are and have always been my favourites. The Kalahari salt comes close, but nope – it cannot out-rank the other two.

DSC_1075 DSC_1077

There was also a stall selling baklava, which I consume very rarely. It smelled great though, such a sweet, nutty aroma. With this baklava tower, there absolutely HAD to be quite the crowd coming into to get a bit of that goodness!


I wouldn’t have wanted to end my weekend any other way. A huge thank you to the organisers, for continuously making it an unforgettable experience. From the music, to the endless drinks and the great food! One thing though – there was no Lindt tent this year. I held back the tears, because I was in public. Here’s to hoping that next year, they come back!

Thanks for reading. Hope you all had a great week!

And all that sweet stuff,



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