Cupcakes of Hope

A warm 👋 to you all!
It’s been almost a month of spring, and only NOW mother nature has decided to bring the sun out to play.

So today is #NationalCupcakeDay in South Africa. Who knew we had such??? Well, cupcakers do… Heehee.


So, not only do we all have jurisdiction to go crazy and engulf a ridiculous amount of cupcakes, but we get to do it for a cause. See, win-win. Your serotonin levels will thank you, trust me.

Cupcakes of Hope is an organisation which raises funds for cancer awareness as well as cancer treatment. early detection is key, folks! As we know, the general South African can barely afford decent healthcare, let alone cancer treatment. I write this with a heavy heart, as memories flood in about those who have passed on due to this… May we do all we can for those who still have a chance. This organisation hasn’t been around for very long, but their impact is strongly felt.

It’s childhood cancer awareness month, and that’s the focus of this particular fundraiser – children. This tugged at my heartstrings and I decided to volunteer and bake two dozen cupcakes to donate.


These are tutti frutti cupcakes with a grape frosting, and purple fondant decorations. As I child, I remember LOVING the grape flavoured lollipops and wanted to replicate something similar. Can I just tell you – my kitchen smells like a lollipop. Yessss!!! #WINNING


I wanted to have variants, so I made a few octopi (or is it octopuses), some ruffled flowers, and a simple 2D topper. Delivered it this morning at Eastgate Mall and was met with an awesome spread!


The cupcake angels have OUTDONE themselves with this. But it’s one of those experiences whereby you have to be there and see for yourself. I mean, they have giant kitkat cupcakes!



Aren’t they amazing?? My friends and I go crazy for the kitkat cakes I make, so my smile broadened quite a bit when I saw these!

You’ll be sure to find a band of cupcake angels at most major malls across the country. It’s month end, so just pop by while you do your shopping and support the cause. Do it for the kids, and do it for The Gram. Be sure to use the hashtag #CupcakesOfHope and #NationalCupcakeDay if you’re on social media.

Thanks for reading!


And all that sweet stuff, B.


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