Hip Hip Hooray!

Birthdays elicit happiness. As does the sun, cake, and great company. Pair those factors together and you may be in your way to creating epic memories


Twenty something years ago, one of my favourite human beings came into this world. This weekend, we got to celebrate her.

I had the pleasure of baking her a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, and topped it with frangipani flowers.


I looked high and low for these flowers, as they are her favourites. I came across The Sugar Art Shop who have such a wide variety of flowers, I was stuck there for almost an hour just daydreaming of future creations!



I was quite ill last week and really wasn’t up for spending hours in the kitchen. Thankfully, this recipe is so simple and tasty, I managed to pull it off in that state. I’m happy to say that when I arrived, the cake was very well received.


Look at that focus! Haha. Better watch out when Bene Bakes cakes are involved, you’ve been warned. Heehee.



I was quite happy with end result. Dense yet fluffy, love that velvety texture!

And to you, my dear sister-friend, I wish you a gloriously successful year enveloped with the sweet scent of love that filled the air that day. Xx


Lots of that sweet stuff, B!

*Note: I made several adjustments to the recipe, as I really wanted to get a moist and fluffy sponge. I’ll share my tips with you at a later stage. Stay tuned!


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