Lazy Dayz

Sometimes home-made cookies are a necessity…

And most times, it’s hard to find the time to make them!

Thankfully, Deeghuys has expanded and I can find one in most areas. Now, I came across my very first Deeghuys in 2012 when visiting friends in Benoni. They too love all things food-related, and took me shopping there. I bought frozen croissants, cupcake batter, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

I tell you, I have yet to buy a product from there which I don’t like! So I go back regularly when I want to just be able to pop something in the oven, because it’s not everyday we have the time or the energy to bake from scratch. My cheat-treat of choice is always the chocolate chip cookie dough. It’s delicious and inexpensive.


I generally cut them into pretty big chunks, but you’re free to cut them smaller if you don’t want the batter to spread out too much.
You then peel off the wrapper, and simply plop it onto your baking tray and put it in the oven. I generally bake mine at 180 degrees Celsius, and it doesn’t take very long.


Watching them rise, and having that fresh cookie smell infuse your home is reason enough to buy this, I tell ya!

It’s an absolute treat!

Tea time for me, as I get ready for bed.
Love, and love!



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