Life’s too short, get heels

I’m all for comfort so you’ll often find me in a pair of flats. But there’s just this feeling that a pair of high heels gives me, like I’m on the top of the world. Probably because I’m taller than most…


Erm, so maybe the heels I’m talking about won’t exactly make you taller. But they will definitely set the tone for fun times!

I find myself attending so many more girls nights, Bachelorettes, bridal showers, etc. and I find the regular sweet platters to be quite boring. I mean, yay, mini lemon meringue tarts – but spice it up a bit! So, as I like to take matters into my own hands, I decided to make some more exciting treats for themed parties.


Looking at these pictures has me drooling. I like that there were so many different textures and flavours. You get the cupcake, and the topping, and the shortbread cookie AND the wafer. Yessss please.

I mean, look at this bad boy


Nom nom nom!
This also happened to be such a fun time in the kitchen as well, as I could play around with colours and flavours.


Needless to say, celebrating my femininity was delicious!

Chow chow, for now!


3 thoughts on “Life’s too short, get heels

  1. All your bakes look so pretty! And I am sure they are as delicious too 🙂 Despite not having much of a sweet tooth, I wouldn’t mind trying a few! Thanks for following my blog. Besides the Pretoria Sheds, do you also sell elsewhere?


    • Thanks for reaching out. I would love for you to try a few. I haven’t sold at other markets yet, but I’ll be donating a few to cupcakes of hope, at Eastgate in the 26th this month. Other than that, I generally bake to order.
      Seems like you’re enjoying your discoveries in sunny SA. So good to see!

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