Choo-Choo Chrain

I’ve had so much fun with fondant lately. Is it okay for me to call it fun-dant now?


So I’m an aunt to ten little rugrats. That’s right, ten. So I guess you can say that I’m a super-aunty. Haha.

A few weeks ago, my favorite set of twins celebrated their 4th birthday. It doesn’t sound like much, but because of their vibrant and lively characteristics, it feels as though they’ve been around for so many more! How in the world have they managed to take up so much space in harddrive of a brain with all these memories of them???

They happen to ALSO share their birthday with their mama, my sis-in-law. And get this – she gave birth on Mother’s Day, 4 years ago. Yeah. So, super duper celebration. It was a surprise for the lil ones, and when I walked in with the cakes, they were so curious as to who it’s for. When I explained that it was their’s, they showed so much gratitude. They had no idea there would be a party later…hehe.

So after a few hours, guests came through and we explained that we were gonna partaaaay. Whoop whoop. It was such a great day, the sun came out to play, so we could have a braai (or barbecue) and jumping castles, and running around…and for us aunties, laying in the sun.


The cake I made for my niblings was vanilla. I love the fragrance, and I find myself stocking up on all sorts of vanilla variants to use in my baking!


They quite like trains right now and were choo-choo-ing when n they first saw it. I am kinda loving his smirk, giggled non-stop when I first made it.


This was about to be the face would have made the cake. Haha. Not so child-friendly.

For their mama, I made a lemon yogurt cake, which is my fave winter cake. I absolutely looooove this, because I love lemons. And the simplicity of this recipe makes it my go-to treat this time of the year.



It was a delicious affair!


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