Under the sea: Part two (Under the sea cake)

It’s difficult to type out the words “under the sea” without Sebastian singing the soundtrack for Little Mermaid in my head.


I think the songs were the best part of that movie, but this is not a movie review. Let me focus. *clears throat*.
A few days ago, I posted pictorials on how I did some of the accessories.
In addition to the main characters, I made a few more accessories to the cake.


The corals were actually the very first things I made, as they were simple enough & they’d warm my hands up to do the more complicated stuff. I took a small ball of fondant, rolled it out, & used one of the fondant molding tools to get the hollow look. Edible glue held the individual pieces together. Et voilĂ ! What’s cool about this is that you can use different colours to make these corals. Simple & pretty.


Go big or go home! My corals needed some friends :-). I used a chocolate mould to add several more under the sea accessories.

I baked 2 cakes: one choc & one vanilla. So it was a square choc-nilla two tiered cake, wrapped in fondant.


There ya have it, folks!


Wishing you all a fantastic week.

Chow, chow!


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