Under the sea: part one (Nemo & Mermaid)

Had my very first PAYING bake order some days ago. Woohooo! It was one of my favourite cake experiences (cakesperience). I love playing around with fondant, it gets me to tap into the inner artist that was never released in high school.


So, the cake was for my friends’ twin’s birthday party. It was an “under the sea” theme party, as their daughter wanted a mermaid party and their son wanted a Finding Nemo party. Worked out well, because at least the two can be merged. High five for awesome children!

This was for their 4th birthday, so I knew, aesthetic appeal was going to be everything! If there’s anything little ones love, it’s fun fondant. So I got to shopping, which was also pretty cool. I went to Westpack Lifestyle, which is mecca for all things home-related. I can’t actually tell you how long I spent browsing their products. Eek. But anyways, they have quite reasonably priced fondant in many different colours. They also have a big tub of (soft) white fondant, that you can just colour with your food dye (aka food colorant) and harden with a little cmc. So I went ahead and bought several tubs, and a cake board and boxes (gotta deliver the cake like a pro).

I started with Nemo, because…he’s pretty awesome. I have always loved this lil fish and his friends, so I had to give him the honour of being the first complete character for the cake. Below is a little step-by-step pictorial on how I made Nemo.


It’s fairly easy. Just be seated and comfy. I used fondant tools, but you can easily just make use of a knife and fork to make shapes and patterns (such as the lines on the fins).

I then went on to make a mermaid. I was so nervous for this one, because I have never had to make a human out of fondant before, let alone a half-fish half-human. Eek. Here’s the step-by-step pictorial of how I did it.


Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I imagined. It was like playing with putty. I first made the tail, then her torso (with the bra, looks so weird without it, lol). I then made the skirt and put that together. Once her body was done,  I started to make her head and arms. This was a bit tricky, because…necks, and chins and shoulders are pretty NB hey. Lol. But I eventually managed to rectify my errors once I realise why she was looking a little strange. I ended with her hair. I gave her green eyes using decorative icing pens. Those are actually quite yummy.

The kids were pleasantly surprised by their birthday cake, and are eating the accessories little by little.

Happy customer, happy baker!

Chow chow!


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