Superhero & Flowery Cake

My baby bro-in-law recently turned six, and he loves superhero comics. As do I, to be honest. So I could NOT pass up the opportunity to bake him the coolest superhero cake. He shared his birthday party with our niece, who was turning four. Two birthday cakes, one party – I was pumped!


My sister and I did extensive research on Pinterest, which is like the academic journal of all things that will get you to procrastinate. Gosh. But we got some great ideas, and did some hectic shopping to make sure we could create exactly what we wanted.
I baked and covered four cakes with fondant, and she decorated her daughter’s cake as I did the superhero cake.
I must say, this was a very premature move on us, as we were both fairly new to the fondant club. Thankfully, once again, Pinterest came to the rescue!

2954 2957 2958

2959 2966

First (or as they are saying now – Firstable), I made some rice krispie treats and molded it into the Amazing Hulk’s gigantic fist. I did this, so that when we eat the whole cake, the WHOLE cake is eaten! I don’t eat marshmallows, but the kids went crazy for this!

3138 3136

Then I baked four cakes, Two of them were 24 cm cakes and the other two were 20 cm cakes. Once they cooled, I spread buttercream on them, before covering them up with some fondant. Thankfully, they layered on so smoothly!

3149 3159 3131 3143

We then made the little fondant accessories. I cut out all the superhero ones with a knife, no stencils used or cookie cutters for that, but at least the flowery was made with cookie cutters. This way, my niece could participate in decorating her cake. The accessories were stuck on using a glycerin mixture, and then with fondant glue.

3167 3181 3182 3184

On day two (yes, this took TWO DAYS) we we were finally ready to get it looking nice and glossy, and party-ready.


3182 3195

There you have it, the final product! I had the most fun decorating the superhero cake. I think I would have loved to have something like this as a little girl, actually, even as an adult. Heehee.

This was an exhausting process, but SUCH FUN!

Chow Chow!


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