My brother’s 33rd birthday was last week Wednesday. Here I was, his only little sister, wanting to make him feel special with a chocolate cake (with my new bundt cake tin). But me being me…*sigh*…I thought it was on Tuesday! So I rush home on Monday, put together a free-style chocolate cake recipe and pop it into the oven. The glutton within couldn’t wait to sample it till the next day, so I made a mini one for myself 🙂 Im glad I did, coz I wouldn’t have been able to wait until the Wednesday!

It got my kitchen smelling GREAT! I want to bottle that smell and just have it around my entire place all the time!
It was ready within 40 min and it was amazing, the way it just popped out of it’s springform tin. Oh yeeeeah. There’s just something about a cake that doesn’t stick to the tin (I struggled with that a lot back in the day, so I now count my blessings!).
My mini cakes also turned out perfect (*cue Jay Z “If I do say so myself, if I do say so myself”). So trust – that little thing was engulfed within seconds!

I made a chocolate fudge sauce for the first time, and soaked my cakes in them. That was FAR from a drizzle. I made so much that I still have some in the kitchen – yay me!
Evidently, I love chocolate. And so does my big bro. So I went alllll out on this, scoop that pic below.

I was so eager to cut the cake, I got the family together to sing quick-quick so that I could have a piece, haha. I stuck my fork in there, and next thing I knew, the yumminess took over! It was so rich, and the sauce gave it a great extra kick and different texture. The reason I was super duper eager (besides the fact that I loooove chocolate)) is that I was using a new cocoa, and no actual recipe. But (thankfully), it worked out for the best! Phew!


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