Is it just me, or is winter the ultimate excuse to just go crazy on fun flavours?

So, I have always been a lover of lemons and use them in any way that I can (face toner, tea, lemonade, virgin mojitos, etc) and I love the pop of colour it adds to me kitchen as well. It’s winter, so lemons are everywhere! EVERYWHERE. Lucky me 🙂

I buy a few every couple of weeks, and recently I vowed to use up the items in my pantry before they go bad. This means that if I am baking, I am restricted to using what I have. Sigh. But, then *insert excitement* I realised that it means that I gotta get really creative!


I wanted to bake my mom something before she left the country, and with it being so chilly, I wanted it to be something sweet & lemon-y so that we can eat and chat with tea before she left (you know those mommy-daughter chats). I realised that I had plain yogurt, and I instantly remembered a divine cake I baked with yogurt a few years ago after watching Ina Garten’s show. I love her. Simple recipes, full flavour, happy tummies – always.

Aaaanyways, so, I decided to bake a Lemon Yogurt Cake. It went down soooo well. After offering it to my mom and having a slice (or 3), I actually snuck 2 more slices away to take home, it was that intense! Hahahaha.


Just looking at the pictures gets me drooling already! I baked the cake with fresh lemons and lemon zest (rather than lemon extract) and I made the sweet lemon syrup DRENCH that cake. Oh. My Word. I still have some of that syrup left over in the fridge, it’s going down!

Any other ideas of what to bake with lemon? It’s healthy carbs right, coz lemon is a fruit? Heehee.


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